Wht are we? what we do?

We are Go for visual, We are a visual consultancy specialized in helping companies to transmit complex ideas using the simplicity and immediacy of drawings.
Our aim is to create connections between ideas, tell stories, and facilitate understanding. We design customized proposals based on the needs of our customers.

Graphic facilitation

We design and run interactive sessions using tailor-made tools and dynamics. The dynamics we use empower creativity among participants and gets everyone active to dialogue and share opinions.

Perfect for meeting facilitation, clarifying complex concepts, problem solving, note-taking, presentation creation.

Graphic recording

We live sketch the main ideas within a conference resulting in an atractive drawing thar highlights the key thoughts and ideas raised in an easy and simple understandable way.

Perfect for meetings, events and conferences, infographics, explaination videos, presentations and manuals & reports.

Visual consultancy

We enable companies to design and embrace change through fully designed processes.

Perfect for meetings, strategy presentations, clarification and visualiza- tion of complex strategies, storytelling, team engagement and visual concept creation.


Validate participants

The graphic recorder listens to the conversation during report outs, brainstorming, focus groups and other group discussions. Participants can actually see their input being captured and visualized with illustrations and text.

Increases memory and comprehension

Graphic recording creates a “visual memory” for attendees and it can increase retention up to 30%.

Better decision making

Ideas are clarified and visible to everyone in the room.

support the facilitator

Graphic recording supports the facilitator by making ideas visible so the group can get on the same page. That’s a good thing

promotes creativity

As soon as participants enter the room, they realize this is no ordinary meeting or conference. Big paper means BIG ideas. Graphic recording sets the stage for conversation and creativity

maintain focus

Having a graphic recorder in the room gives participants a way to bring their attention back to the discussion, catch up and stay focused