drivers of change



We are generating more data than ever, that data is overwhelmingly visual, and most of us don´t know how to use images. No matter what business you are in, the future of your business is visual.

90% of all data in the world was created in the last 2 years


90% of all data on the internet is visual-Cisco


90% of business people have no idea how to use visuals

description of the

drivers of change

  • Companies are becoming more and more efficient and fast-changing. Organizations must work to create committed teamd through engagement.
  • In a global world, the importance of a common and universal language is rising in front of cultural crashes
  • Nowadays there is a lot of information and some of it is becoming more and more difficult to understand it. (Emerging technologies).
Why Visuals
  • We can capture the meaning of a visual scene in less than 10 seconds. We remember 10% of what we read and 80% of what we see

  • The graphic language is a universal language, it allows to connect to any person in the world

  • The images help to better represent mentally complex situations, flowcharts, feelings, hierarchies.

  • The fact of forcing yourself to think in images, is more natural than using a conversion table or an artificial medium such as writing or the word, intermedarial euphoria in your brain, you lighten it.